Word Up Translations provides high-quality translations. But what constitutes a good translation? 



A good translation is easily understood, fluent and smooth. But most of all, a good translation is invisible. Furthermore, it’s important that the translation matches the culture, target group, and local situation. This is called ‘localisation’. Localisation is a challenge, but it is also essential for a good translation. 


Word Up Translations has experience translating a wide range of texts, ranging from corporate communications (policy documents, business letters, reports), marketing and PR texts (advertisements, press releases, brochures, websites), to editorials, essays, diplomas and CVs.






Translating requires a special kind of skill and entails much more than converting a text from one language into another. Good translators are linguistic wizards – language experts with a ready pen who can transform poorly written text into something that is perfect and fluent.


Each Word Up translation provides an accurate representation of the source text that is attractive in style and reads as an independent text. To guarantee the translation’s internal consistency, Word Up uses a translation tool.


Word Up Translations guarantees on-time delivery. Should you have any questions or comments about your translation, they will be addressed directly by the translator. After all, we are both working towards a common goal: an excellent translation.






The standard translation rate is € 0.20 per word (in the source text), with a minimum charge of € 25 per translation. Special rates apply to large projects of 10,000 words or more.



The hourly rate for correction work is € 50. Please note, the final price and delivery time depends on the quality of the source text.


A special rate is charged for translation agencies.


Contact Word Up for more information or a quote. Please add the text and any reference material as an attachment to your e-mail.